New Build Management

Wheather you would like to purchase a production super yacht or a custom yacht, it is a project that takes time, attention and a major investment. For this reason the broker you select for this process has to be perfect in understanding your requirements.

We at Ultramar pay special attention to listening to you well and to addressing your needs. Once the type and the shipyard is agreed and the contract is signed the build process begins.

Ultramar carries the negotiations with the shipyard, in order for you to achieve the best value. We are there to ensure a timely construction schedule and to guide you in the decisions of specifications, regulations and warranties. We provide options for you of legal advisors, surveyors , captains, yacht managers. Ultramar plays an important role during the construction between all the parties involved. We appoint a yacht manager on your behalf who will be supervising the entire process of building. We keep you informed during the stages of the build and handle issues that may come up, always paying attention to keeping your best interests.

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