Buying Guide

Choosing a yacht to buy is easier nowadays with a lot of websites advertising thousands of yachts for sale. However, the many choices and plenty of data online bring risks of loosing a huge amount of time and in some cases money too.

If you are thinking of buying a yacht or looking towards being in a position one day, please be aware that some listings on the web can be fake or no longer on sale. Some websites alter the listing prices to look more appealing in the hope of bating buyers into contact them.

For this reason, dealing with reputable brokers can save you a lot of time and money and headache.

Our brokers can help you on your resarch and make inquiries on your behalf for yachts that you like or found online. A part of the job of the yacht brokers is to pass on knowledge and experience to their customers and to guide them in the right direction by giving true information.

Our brokers use a lot of time visiting shipyards, talking to other brokers, to captains, talking to yacht owners to get reliable information on yachts who are really for sale, where they are and how much they can be purchased for.

Once you find the right yacht for you, our team can help you in making offical offers and guide in contract negotiations, advise on ownership and corporate structures, complete arrangements of surveys and sea trial logistics, and follow-up with all administrative documentation. To ensure a smooth acquisition from start to finish, leaving the you free to enjoy the purchasing process.


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