Why Choose Us

Different to many yacht brokerage companies, our approach is very boutique and our services are very tailored. Our strongest treats are the following:

1 – Experience

Since 2006 Ultramar has been involved in the sales, construction, charter and marketing of luxury yachts.

Working closely with the most established brands and most qualified professionals in the industry, we have a great knowledge and expertise in what we do.


2- Strongest Network & Reputation

Over the years we have established strong relationships with key people in the sector. This leads us to real information and better results. Our reputation amongst the world’s leading shipyards and amongst our customers is one of the keys to our success.


3 – Sales performance in the luxury yachting

We have been involved in the construction of many important game- changing superyacht projects and sales of many important luxury yachts in the sector with results of complete customer satisfaction. Hence we have trustworthy long-term relationships all around.


4 – Large Contact database

We have a strong network of customers, industry contacts, key professionals in world’s leading shipyards, naval architects, designers, captains and subcontractors and suppliers. When you are either selling or buying, we communicate with them in order to reach the right people and to achieve the best results.


5 – Large Database of Yachts  

We offer you a wide range of first pick of what the market offers. Our data base consists of motor yachts, sailing yachts and motor sailing yacht options that are for sale and for charter from all around the world.


6- Tailored services

Understanding the needs and priorities of our clients is very important for us. We work in order for them to get the best quality, the best value, and the best fit for their needs. We know the yachts, we know how to listen and we know how to act as a bridge between the buyers and the shipyards.


7- Boutique Yacht Management Services

We have a boutique approach to yacht management to limiting ourselves to maximum 10 yachts in a year ranging from 30 meters to 50 meters. We offer full range of management services from crew management to day to day yacht operations, from flagging to class issues.


8 – Reliability

Our exclusive distributorship background with Riva-Yachts and other prestigious brands for long years is an example of our reliability. We are proud to have repeated customers who choose to work with us in turning their dreams into reality.



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