Managing and Operating the Vessel

Our team deals with the on-going operation of the yacht such as;

  • Marina Berths
  • Bunkering
  • Crew Control & Follow-ups
  • Budget Follow-ups
  • Loyalty to Payment Schedules
  • Accounting Procedures
  • Legal Formalities for Each Country
  • Correspondance with National and International Authorities
    Daily Base Activities
  • Routine Engine and Other Service Checks

Summer Period:
For yachts with private use, according to the owners plans and needs, we like to map out ahead various options of cruise plans. Our team checks the current regulations for different countries and makes the lists of subcontractors for fuel purchases, agency services and repair services. By this way the crew can be ready for every occasion.

For yachts with commercial use, we ask the booking plans ahead so we can apply the same approach as the private use ones.

Winter Period:
If the yacht is not being used in winter, winterage is essential.
Our team with the captain and the engineer prepare a maintanence plan.
Our team negotiates and gathers all the offers together with the warranty details.
After the confirmation of the owner, we move forward with the jobs and accordingly, we schedule the payments.

During this period our team also deals with the following:
Services like Crew Control, Accounting Procedures and Follow-ups
Mapping out the plans and activities for next summer and stating the future costs

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