Explorer Yachts

If you really want to explore the oceans and discover the new and exciting spots around the world, like Cape Horn, the Northwest Passage, or Vietnam, then you need a yacht that can go anywhere even when the weather is not so favorable.

With their high bows, explorer yachts are able to crush through some pretty high seas. Their reversed rake windscreens provide protection from the outside elements and diminish the solar glare.

According to different sizes, they offer from very long to outstanding ranges so you can really travel for a long time on them without having to stop and refuel.

Explorer yachts are known by their robust hulls and the most common material of construction is steel. They have superior storage spaces and offer extensive toy selections like useful tenders, all-terrain vehicles, kayaks, sailing dinghies, and even personal submarines. Most of them offer helipads allowing guests to fly in and out easily.

Many shipyards specialize in building new Explorer models and they offer luxurious and sophisticated

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